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Suéter de cuello alto con manga linterna - Rosado Única Talla Mobile
Suéter de cuello alto con manga linterna - Rosado Única Talla Mobile
Suéter de cuello alto con manga linterna - Rosado Única Talla Mobile
Suéter de cuello alto con manga linterna - Rosado Única Talla Mobile
Suéter de cuello alto con manga linterna - Rosado Única Talla Mobile


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Suéter De Cuello Alto Con Manga Linterna - Rosado

Disponibilidad: En Inventario

Seleccionar: Única Talla,Rosado

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  • SofiaVeloso

    This is a rather simple sweater but with a different cut. As for their finish as you can see on the outside it is noted that the piece has good finishes but one thing I noticed is that the inside is not very well finished since ah lines a little loose, but nothing that do not resolve to give small points in these loose lines so that the mesh does not undo.

    As for your material is made of a rather good there and with good finishes, what I noticed is that it is an ideal piece to use when it is cold. How much your sleeves are fairly simple but a little broad sleeve-to-bat type. This is a sweater model that still has a little collar but not too much neck.

    As for its color we choose Brown Torrado in which it is a quite beautiful color. As for its size I risked the One Size and what I noticed and that served quite well.

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    Feb. 07, 2018 at 09:00:32 AM

  • andrea

    Definitely thought it would be bigger based on the pictures and reviews left by other and I was a little surprised when it arrived. It's cropped and the sleeves are more like 3/4 sleeves on me even tho I'm approx. 160cm. The material is really soft and the color is great and the sweater still looks really great on. All in all it's very cute and flattering, but be aware that it is shorter and more cropped than expected.

    Jul. 11, 2018 at 15:20:14 PM

  • Madelenius

    Okay, so I ordered this in red. I feel like christmas personified it is SO CUTE. I thought it would be bigger but it is cropped on me with 3/4 arms but I still love this. Tuck it into a pair of high waisted black jeans and you will look amazing. I wear this too much already. Oh, there was like a wierd smell on it for me, like chemicals or something I don't know but I will (hand)wash it tomorrow and hopefully it will get better!

    Nov. 30, 2017 at 10:34:51 AM

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Descripción del Producto

Tipo: Moderno
Tipo de Manga: Cuello Simulacro
Longiyud de la Manga: Mangas Largas
Material: Acrílico,Algodón,Poliéster,Spandex
Tipo de Patrón: Sólido
Peso: 0.4700kg
Contenido del Paquete: 1 x suéter

Guía de Tallas

Tabla de Tallas¿Cómo Medir?

Nuestro TamañoCorresponde a Talla USBusto
Ancho de Hombros
One-Size2~682~90 / 32.28~35.4337~39 / 14.57~15.3564~72 / 25.20~28.3588~96 / 34.65~37.80
Conversiones internacionales
2 6 34 PP
4 8 36 P
6 10 38 M
8 12 40 G
10 14 42 GG
12 16 44 GGG
¿Cómo Medir
Medida desde el centro de la columna en la base del cuello, alrededor del hombro, sobre el codo y hasta la muñeca.
Medida alrededor de la parte más completa del busto.
Medida alrededor de la cintura en el punto más estrecho.
Párese derecho y medida alrededor de la parte más completa de las caderas.
La medición es más fácil si alguien le ayuda. De pie cómodamente con las piernas ligeramente separadas, medida desde justo debajo de la entrepierna hasta la parte inferior de las caderas.
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Suéter de cuello alto con manga linterna - Rosado Única Talla Mobile



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